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HSBC Credit Card Application Status

HSBC offers both online and offline credit card applications for your convenience. Similarly, tracking your HSBC Credit Card application status is flexible, with various online and offline methods available. If you've recently applied for an HSBC Credit Card and wish to monitor your application's progress, you can effortlessly do so through the options provided by the card issuer.

HSBC Bank Credit Card Application Status

HSBC offers a user-friendly online platform that empowers customers to easily track the progress of their credit card applications. The application status can reveal valuable insights into the journey of your HSBC credit card request. Here are the various statuses you might encounter:

In Progress: This status indicates that HSBC has successfully received your credit card application and is actively reviewing it. During this phase, the bank carefully assesses your eligibility and creditworthiness. Once the review process is complete, HSBC will update your application status accordingly.

Approved: When your application has passed the bank's scrutiny and meets their criteria, you'll see the coveted 'approved' status. At this point, HSBC initiates the necessary procedures to deliver your new credit card to your specified address, whether it's your home or office.

Dispatched: Upon approval, your credit card will be dispatched to the address you provided during the application process. The 'dispatched' status indicates that your card is on its way to your designated location, ready for you to activate and use.

On Hold: In some cases, the bank may encounter challenges or require additional information to process your application. The 'on hold' status signifies that there is a temporary delay or hold-up in the processing of your application. This status can later change to 'approved' or 'rejected' based on the resolution of any outstanding issues.

Rejected: If, for any reason, your credit card application does not meet HSBC's eligibility criteria or encounters issues during the review process, the status will display 'rejected.' In such instances, it is advisable to reach out to HSBC to gain insights into the specific reasons behind the rejection. Common causes for rejection include not meeting certain eligibility criteria or discrepancies in the application details.

If you encounter a status reading 'no application found,' it's essential to double-check the information you provided during the application process. Ensure that the details you entered match the information you initially submitted. Rectifying any discrepancies can help you track your application status accurately.

How to Check Your HSBC Credit Card Application Status Online

HSBC Bank provides a convenient online method to inquire about the status of your credit card application, even though it doesn't offer a dedicated tracking page like some other major card issuers in India. You can achieve this by engaging with HSBC Bank's chatbot on their official website. Here's a step-by-step guide to assist you in checking your HSBC Credit Card application status:

Visit the HSBC Bank Official Website: Begin by navigating to the official website of HSBC Bank.

Access the Chat Feature: Locate and click on the 'Chat' option positioned at the bottom rightmost corner of your screen.

Accept Terms and Conditions: When prompted, accept the terms and conditions associated with using the chat feature.

Initiate Your Inquiry: In the chat window, type a message such as 'I want to check my HSBC Credit Card application status.’

Provide Necessary Details: The chatbot may request specific details related to your application. Ensure you provide all the required information accurately.

Receive Prompt Updates: Once you've furnished the requested details, the chatbot will swiftly process your inquiry. In just a matter of seconds, you will receive the most up-to-date status of your credit card application.

Checking HSBC Credit Card Status by Customer Care

To check their HSBC Bank credit card application status, applicants can also contact the HSBC credit card customer care by phone. Simply dial the HSBC credit card customer care numbers between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm. Once connected with a customer care executive, request information about your credit card application status. Be prepared to provide the necessary details, and the executive will promptly furnish the required information. 

To reach HSBC Credit Card customer care, use the following contact details:

Customer For residents within India For residents abroad
HSBC Personal Banking & Credit Cards 1800-267-3456 / 1800-121-2208 +91-40-61268002 / +91-80-71898002

This method offers a straightforward way to get updates on your credit card application status through direct communication with HSBC customer care.

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