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Dear Customer, before proceeding with processing your data, we submit the terms and conditions information provided by The Money Trunk Powered By RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd is a registered entity. It’s a digital wing of RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd. It’s a necessary for the protection of your personal data, in accordance with the provisions of relevant legislation.

RBFPL guarantees compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data communicated or collected while browsing this site.

The information below will help you understand:

* Who are the subjects who process your data and how to contact them.

* How your data is analysed and for what reason.

* The rights it has available.

Data Controller

RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd. Processes the data and is considered the Data Controller for the purposes of the law. In this role, RBFPL is responsible for ensuring that the necessary and appropriate organizational and technical actions are taken to safeguard your data.

What data include?

* Personal data in the strict sense: name, address, other contact details (e.g., e-mail address and telephone number), gender, marital status, data on the family unit, date and place of birth, employer, job title and work history, relationship with the Policyholder, insured, beneficiary or applicant.

* Identification details: Identification numbers issued by government agencies or bodies such as adhar card, pan card, etc

* Financial information: payment card number, account number and bank details, income, and other financial information.

* Previous claims: information on previous claims.

* Compensation claims in progress: information on claims in progress, which may include particular categories of Personal Data (as defined in the paragraph relating to the Insured Risk).

* Marketing data: information relating to the consent expressed or denied by the interested party to receive marketing communications from the owner and from third parties. The processing of the data or information indicated above is necessary to fulfill the purposes of your registration; therefore, your consent is not necessary.

Data processed and purposes of the processing

⦁ Data generated and collected from access to the site and from its navigation

The computer systems and the communication and management software procedures of the site during normal operation acquire personal data related to technical aspects that are essential to the operation, such as, for example, data on communication addresses related to the use of internet protocols and more. By way of example only, IP addresses, domain names (URLs), the time of the request, the type of browser, the outcome of the request, data relating to the user's operating system and IT environment are mentioned. This data collected by RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd. It will be used for statistical purposes, improve the use of the website, and enforce liability in the event of a hypothetical computer crime against the website.

⦁ Data provided voluntarily by the user

RBFPL's website allows users to access any information concerning financial services, including information concerning credit cards, investments, loans, and communication services. Also, remember that you are solely responsible for accessing our website, and for this, you may have to incur third-party fees such as internet services and airtime charges. For the sake of obtaining information concerning our services, our Data Controller may also collect all or only some of the following data: name, surname, residential or domicile address, telephone, e-mail address, other data related to one's investment intentions, and relative timing, and any additional requests and notes that the user wishes to communicate.

I allow and authorize hellomoneyindia.com to override the DND registry and contact me by phone, email or SMS about their products & services. I further accept & agree to your Terms & Conditions.

This data will be used:

To carry out the services and products requested by the user, they will be transmitted directly to the company RBFPL that owns or is in charge of the development of the brand for which the user has shown interest, or to our other Partners for which the user has shown interest. The partners will process the user's personal data and information as independent data controllers. It follows that they will be given the opportunity to contact the interested party by telephone, send him one-to-one emails, insert him in newsletter lists, do SMS marketing, or contact him with the available means of communication and register the master data sent via its own database.

To process a specific request addressed to the staff of this site based on what is reported therein by way of example (subscription to the newsletter, general request for information, etc.).

⦁ All data will also be used by RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd. :

* Allow the customer to register on the website in order to obtain information on the services provided by the group companies; manage and maintain the website; receive the requested information;

* Fulfill contractual, contractual, and tax obligations arising from your relationship with the client.

* Fulfills the obligations set forth by law, regulation, community law, or orders issued by authorities.

* Prevent or detect malicious fraud and abuse of the sites—exercise of the owner's rights, such as the right of defense in court.

* Send on its own initiative commercial information, and advertising content on events, fairs, financing proposals, and affiliation offers related to the franchise or in any case attributable to the activity of the company Owner of the treatment. All this until the moment in which he decides not to receive further communications, requesting unsubscription or complete deletion of his data from our company's database;

* Carry out market analyzes.

* Furthermore, the Company and/or Group company and/or third parties, only with your free, specific, informed, and unequivocal consent, may use your data through mainly automated methods, including paper mail, e-mail, SMS, instant message, newsletter, apps and other communication systems for:

* For promotional, commercial, and advertising purposes. Specifically, the data will be processed for the purpose of managing a commercial information system, such as sending material and advertisements connected with the products and/or services marketed by the Company or by third-party companies and/or belonging to the corporate group ( by way of indication, we refer to the sending of promotional emails, newsletters, etc.) as well as for the management of an information system on your habits.

* For profiling purposes, through a non-fully automated process aimed at processing, communicating, and allowing you to use services designed on the basis of habits and your propensities to consume. We will also be able to use user data to create "clusters" (homogeneous groups of users consisting of profiles that present the same degree of interest) according to consumption habits and propensities in order to develop targeted digital campaigns in line with the preferences of users (indicate reasons for profiling if further).

The processing of the data indicated above is not mandatory for the execution of the contract; therefore, your consent is required.


The site uses technical cookies to manage the functionality of the site and does not collect personal information about users or profiling information.

Eventually, session cookies can be used that are used for the time of use of the session that contains random numbers generated by the server to identify it and allow correct navigation of the site. It remains hosted on the user's computer, is not used for any other purpose depending on the policy that the browser is configured on, and can be removed when the browser is closed.

The use of technical cookies allows not to transfer user information to the web server on which the site is hosted. Eventually, the site could use third-party plug-ins that create non-profiling technical cookies. The data controller, in this case, is the third site from which the plug-in is incorporated.

Optional provision of data

Except for data transferred for technical reasons necessary for operation, no other data is compulsorily required. Any request or communication that the user sends via the website or email is provided by him on an optional basis. If the entry forms require mandatory data, these are required in order to receive the information they need to better respond to the request.

Nature of the provision

Apart from that specified for access and navigation data (point 2 a), the provision of data collected by RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd. is optional, but any refusal will make it impossible for RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd. to carry out all or part of the purposes mentioned above.

Methods of processing

Data will be processed legally, fairly, and rigorously. They are recorded, updated, organized, and stored in computer and paper archives that are properly protected by security measures. Information is processed and stored for a period not exceeding the time required for the purposes for which it was collected. Data may be delegated to third parties for processing by web service providers, administrators, and so on.

Retention period of your data

The data and information collected by the RBFPL website are kept for the necessary time and indefinitely only if necessary in compliance with the principle of minimization of data processing. As regards the data relating to commercial information, they will be kept by the Company for the period necessary to pursue the aforementioned purposes

Persons authorized to process data

The processing is carried out by the internal staff of RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd. and, if necessary or instrumental for the implementation of the purposes mentioned above; they may be processed by third parties, namely: persons, companies, institutions, or professional firms that deliver assistance and consultancy services for analysis and market research. In any case, personal data collected by the RBFPL website will never be disclosed or sold.

The Company - without requiring your consent - can communicate your personal data to a category of subjects better indicated below, such as:

⦁ Group companies (parent companies, subsidiaries, and associates) for the fulfillment of legal and contractual obligations;

⦁ third parties, also located in third countries, in charge of carrying out contractual or functional activities to those of the Company (by way of example, credit institutions, professional firms, consultants, insurance companies for the provision of insurance services, companies providing inspection services, archiving, transmission, correspondence, data processing, etc.) who carry out outsourced services on behalf of the Data Controller, i.e., RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd., in their capacity as autonomous data controllers and external data processors, where the legal requirements are met;

⦁ Judicial Authorities, Revenue Agency, Social Security Bodies, Administrative and Sector Authorities, as well as to those subjects to whom the communication is mandatory by law. As independent data managers, these individuals process the data on their own.

If you have given your explicit approval, the data may be processed by the companies of the Mail RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd. and may be managed through external marketing companies and external platforms.

External Data Processors

The Company makes use of specially designated External Data Processors whose list is available from the Company. Interested parties may request it by submitting a specific request by registered letter with return receipt ".

In addition, we have appointed a company's data protection officer to ensure compliance with your privacy policies, and we may contact you with questions regarding the processing of your data.

More information on your rights can be found in the dedicated space "Your rights," as shown below.

Rights of the interested party

At any time, you can exert your right to restrict processing and request cancellation, modification, or renewal of the personal information collected by RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd. by sending an email to RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd..

As regards the data that RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd. has already communicated to its partners, what is reported in point 2 (b) or requests to enforce the above rights must be addressed directly to these partners.

RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd. undertakes to ensure that data processing is carried out in accordance with the principles of lawfulness established by the legislation on privacy and data protection.

With respect to the processed data, we guarantee the following possibilities:

⦁ Get verification of the existence of personal data related to you and copy it in an understandable format.

⦁ Update, modify or consolidate data.

⦁ Request data deletion or anonymity within the conditions permitted by law.

⦁ For a good reason, wholly or partially opposes the processing of personal data.

⦁ Limit processing in the event of a breach, correction request, or objection.

⦁ Request the possibility of electronically transferring processed data based on consent or contract.

⦁ Request the presence or other confirmation of personal data.

⦁ Obtain information on the purpose of the processing, the category of personal data, the category of recipients or recipients to whom the personal data will be or will be transferred, and, if applicable, the retention period.

⦁ Collection and cancellation of data corrections.

⦁ Get data portability. That is, it receives data from the controller in a structured format, is commonly used by automated devices, becomes readable, and sends to another controller without hindrance.

⦁ We oppose the treatment at all times and for direct marketing purposes.

⦁ To counteract automated decision-making processes for natural persons, including profiling.

⦁ In addition to the right to data portability, request the data administrator to access and modify, cancel, restrict or oppose the processing of personal data.

⦁ Withdraw your consent at any time, based on the consent given prior to the withdrawal, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the operation.

⦁ Filing a complaint with a supervisory authority. Also, if it deems it appropriate, you can lodge a complaint with the Indian Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, in the ways and in the forms provided for by law. To obtain more information, you can consult the website of the Guarantor.

For this purpose, the Company has provided on the website, to submit its requests for free, a specific section (Privacy area) in which it can download the forms and send them completed via email to RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd.. The Company has appointed the Data Protection Officer in charge of ensuring compliance with the rules for the protection of privacy, which can be contacted for questions concerning the processing of personal data. RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd. specifies that it may refuse the request if it is manifestly unfounded, excessive, or repetitive.

We inform you that the RBFPL team undertakes to respond to your requests within one month, except in particularly complicated cases, for which it could take up to 3 months. In any case, the RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd. team will explain the reason for the wait within one month of your request.

The consequence of your request will be provided to you in writing or electronically. If you request corrections, cancellations, or limitations of processing, we will update your request in each of your data unless it proves impossible or involves a disproportionate effort.

Changes in this Privacy Policy:

RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd. reserves the right to change your privacy policy at any time without prior notice, provided you comply with applicable legal requirements. Our privacy policy will be revised from time to time and will apply to all current and previous customers. Check our website regularly to find if there is a change in the policy.


You agree that RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd (and its executives, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and employees) is indemnified from any reasonable claims, cause of action, claims, debt collection, losses, damages, fines, and attorneys' fees, fines, costs or other expenses of any kind arising out of, relating to, including your violation to these Terms of Use, your violation of any law, third party rights or use of the Site.

Electronic Communications

When you use this website, you are communicating electronically with RBFPL. You agree to receive electronic communications from RUPI Bazaar Fintech P Ltd. RBFPL may contact you by e-mail, posting messages on the website, telephone, or any other commonly available means of communication. You agree that all contracts, notices, postings, and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy the legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

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